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Funnymoon #1

After the wedding, we drove to Beaufort, NC to spend a few days at the beach house of friends of our sister, Ashley. We have never felt the kindness of strangers like we did in that short visit! Even though we have never met the owners of the house, they took special care to make sure we felt welcome. We walked through the door of the beautiful three story house to find a gift basket on the table, fresh flowers , a fridge stocked with goodies, and a note encouraging us to make ourselves at home. After a busy few months of wedding planning, home renovation, and starting school, we were so thankful to have a few days to hang out and relax. We kayaked across the bay, ate lunch on the porch, and explored the streets of Beaufort. We had a great time! In fact, we had so much fun that we changed the name of the trip from our honeymoon to our funnymoon!


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September 1st, 2007

We were married on a beautiful (and surprisingly mild knowing our humid North Carolina weather!) summer day at Rose Hill Plantation in Nashville, NC. We felt incredibly blessed to be able to share such a special time with our family and friends. There is so much we could say about the memories that we will treasure from our wedding day, but for now we’ll just share a few pictures.

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We were married exactly a year and a week ago today and are absolutely loving married life! As we get ready for year two, we decided to create a space that would help us keep in touch with friends and family and share some thoughts and experiences from this exciting new stage of life.

As we count down the days until our first anniversary, we thought we’d recap some of the highlights of this first year of marriage. There are so many fun memories that we would love to share, but we hope you’ll enjoy a quick snapshot of year one!

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