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Funnymoon #2

One thing that we were very thankful for during our first year of marriage was the amount of vacation time afforded to us by our teaching jobs. For living in the grown-up world we sure do have a lot of time to play!

We took advantage of our week-long fall break this past October to take our “official” honeymoon to Great Britain. We had a great time exploring England and Scotland- and had mastered the accent by the end of the week.

We rented a car for the week(and a GPS system!) and Zach courageously took to the left side of the road. Our first destination was Scotland, where we stayed in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. We were blown away by the beautiful architecture that seemed to be everywhere we turned- especially in the castle that we got to tour.

After Edinburgh, we traveled north, waaay north, to the Scottish Highlands. This was Zach’s favorite part of the trip and my second favorite. It was amazing to be in a place where you could drive for miles without seeing so much as a gas station. The mountains were spectacular, and we loved seeing fields dotted with sheep and Highland cows (“Heilan’ coos” to the locals).

My favorite part of the trip was our stay at Wyck Hill House (http://www.wyckhillhouse.com/index.htm), a STUNNING hotel in the Cotswolds of England. Zach (not suprisingly) had found an incredible deal online, and we were able to stay at the mansion house-turned-hotel on a 100 acre estate. Our stay pretty much consisted of us walking around while I screamed, “I feel like I’m in Pride and Prejudice!” The aged exterior of the hotel was complimented by luxurious rooms with a contemporary feel. Needless to say, we left very reluctantly.

We completed our trip by spending a few days in London. We took the Piccadilly Line (now that’s fun to say in a British accent) all over the city- to flea markets, “football” stadiums, and even the Royal Ballet (we were given free tickets while waiting in line!).

While it was hard for us to leave (literally- we missed our flight) we will cherish the memories we made in Great Britain forever and would love to return someday.


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