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Zach and the baby 🙂

Once we moved into our house, Zach couldn’t stop thinking about how the newly fenced in backyard would be perfect for a dog. I stalled for a while with comments like, “We just don’t need one right now,” or “They take so much time to train,” but, little did he know, my dad and I had gone in together to buy Zach a chocolate lab for Christmas. We picked her up in Greenville about a week before Christmas, and tried desperately to keep our mouths shut until the big day. We almost made it. We ended up giving Zach his present on Christmas Eve, because we couldn’t figure out how to keep him from hearing the barking. The look of surprise and joy on his face made us both so happy!

After much debate, we decided to name her Zoey (or Zoe, depending on who you ask). Zach recently learned in his Greek class that zoe means “life”, which is so fitting for our puppy. She is a bundle of energy and provides us with hours of entertainment!


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Home Sweet Home

The summer before we got married, we were blessed to be able to buy a house near downtown Cary. Growing up in the Cary area, I have always admired the charm, history, and trees of this area nestled among subdivisions and suburbia. While the house wasn’t in the best of shape when we got it, we were thankful to have the one man crew from Shultz Signature Homes on our side. My dad and Zach spent countless hours on countless projects, helping to make our new home just right. Not suprisingly, my dad has chronicled each step of the process in a 3″ notebook, and we will gladly share the before and afters!

A few months after we moved in, the house next door was demolished (flood plains and basement homes are not a good combination), and we were left with a huge “yard” that extends all the way to a small creek. We have been so blessed by this house and the work that went into making it a home!

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