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december-12-2008-010My real birthday was filled with one fun thing after another. With no work to worry about, I got to make the plans for the whole day! I tried not to let it go to my head, but it sure was fun.  When I woke up, I went to a class at a local gym that my dad got me a membership to as a birthday present. When I got back and got cleaned up, my dad came over. Zach and I had been considering building an addition on our house, and for my birthday present my dad had plans drawn up. The new setup looks beautiful!

After the presents, we went to the flea market. Going to the flea market is one of my favorite Saturday activities ever. When I was a kid I loved exploring my grandma’s attic to see what fun treasures I could find, and the flea market just feels like one gigantic attic. On this trip, I got an old Bible (for a dollar!) and an antique ink stand. I am planning on using the stand as a display for some craft projects I’ve been working on. I had been wanting a small Bible to fit in my purse, so I was really excited about this unique and inexpensive find.december-12-2008-012

After lunch at Chick Fila, we went to another really cute local store that sells a mixture of old and new trinkets. I got a fun old metal ‘A’ to add to our colorful bathroom and some beautiful artificial gardenias. I’m not normally a fake flower fan,  but I love real flowers, and these fakes look and feel more real than any I’ve seen before.

Later that night, Zach and I went to convocation for his seminary. Since birthdays can be pretty self-focused, I was so thankful to have a time to focus on the One who gave me life on this earth and for eternity.

After convocation, we went to my dad’s house to watch the Panthers play the Cardinals in the playoffs. It was Jake Delhomme’s birthday too, but his wasn’t as happy as mine- they lost. Luckily, we had some delicious Goodberrys oreo ice cream cake to soften the blow.

I realize this is a little long, but one final note. We sang this hymn at convocation and, even though I had sung it many times before, the Lord allowed me to hear its words with fresh ears that night. This is just the second stanza, but I highly recommend the whole thing.

When Satan tempts me to despair/ And tells me of the guilt within/ Upward I look and see him there/ Who made an end to all my sin/ Because the sinless Savior died/ My sinful soul is counted free/ For God the just is satisfied/ To look on Him and pardon me



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Happy Times Two

december-12-2008-003december-12-2008-004I am officially a gigantic fan of Saturday birthdays. First of all, having a Saturday birthday this year allowed me to get to celebrate not once, but twice. At some point in the week, my sweet Prime Group (like homeroom) mom sent out an e-mail letting the parents know that my birthday was coming up. This actually wasn’t a total surprise, because of this conversation that took place with one of my kids whose birthday was earlier that week:
Me: I just got an e-mail from your mom telling me it’s your birthday! Happy Birthday!
Kid: Yeah, and your birthday’s later this week.
Me: You’re right! How did you know that?
Kid: It was in the e-mail you sent out.
Me: What? I did not send out an e-mail telling people it was my birthday.
Girl overhearing the conversation: I don’t know what he’s talking about. There wasn’t an e-mail. Shut up, (other kid).
There you have it. Girls mature faster than boys.

Even though it wasn’t a complete surprise, I still felt incredibly spoiled by the flurry of cards, trinkets, and (what teacher celebration would be complete without) insane amount of sugar. One of my teammates also baked me a delicious chocolate cake! Not too shabby for a day at the office.

Later that night, Zach, my dad, and I went out for my birthday dinner to Kanki, a delicious Japanese restaurant. We had the birthday dinner a day early because Zach had convocation that he had to go to for seminary on Saturday night. We ate a wonderful meal and walked around the mall after dinner. It was a very happy pre-birthday celebration!

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You Got Me Chalk?

To backtrack a little bit, I thought I’d fill you in on one of the fun Christmas presents Zach got me. As you probably know, Zach doesn’t teach on Fridays, but I do. When I got home from school the Friday before Christmas, he met me at the front door and told me I had to open my first present. When I did, I found a bucket of sidewalk chalk. I was happy, but a little confused.
“So we’re doing sidewalk chalk?” I thought it was a little weird, but that it must have been Zach’s idea of a fun, romantic afternoon, so I went with it.
He laughed and told me I had to come inside first. He led me to our guest bathroom, which he had spent the day painting in chalkboard paint. It was a project I had been wanting to tackle for quite a while, but hadn’t had time to start. It looks great, and I had so much fun getting to decorate! We also love that when we have people over they can add their own marks on the room. You are officially invited to come color on our walls!december-12-2008-007

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We apologize for not posting in a while- 2009 is off to a busy start! The blog-posting isn’t so much of a hassle as the picture uploading, so we at least thought we’d leave you with a funny quote for the day, just no picture.

Grading is probably the most laborious part of my job. Teaching is fun, but grading just takes FOREVER. Especially writing. With some kids, it’s hard to know where to start. The fun thing about writing, however, is that you quickly learn that kids really do say (or write) the darndest things. Like this:

“One way that people can save gas is by car pulling.”

Why yes, young genius. I do believe that pulling your car would use less gas than actually driving it. In fact, it would even save more than carpooling.

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