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Last week, a child threw up at the end of the school day.

Let me rephrase that. Last week, a child projectile vomited all over the carpet while standing directly next to the trashcan, three plastic recycling bins (that’s Exploris for you), and a linoleum floor. While I was shouting, “Aim for the trashcan!”

We don’t have a janitor.

It smelled for days.

The other teachers kept telling the kids that it didn’t smell and they should quit complaining. I came in and told them to open all the windows.

Now, I really do like teaching. Most of the time. But when  it is 3:00, I am yelling at one class of kids to clean up the classroom before they leave, two other classes of kids are trying to come in the sets of doors on different sides of the room and I am yelling at them to wait for the other kids to clean up (3:00 can be a time of much yelling), a child is running up to me saying, ” [Billy] threw up,” and I, along with the three classes of now screaming kids, am watching [Billy] throw up, I don’t really love it.

At least they say things like this:

“Who knows what the first ten amendments are?”

“Thou shalt not kill….”

Yep. At least they make me laugh.


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These kids CRACK ME UP. On a daily basis. They are a wonderful mixture of blunt, awkward, and genuinely funny that I can really appreciate (and unfortunately, relate to a little too closely). A few moments from the past week that still make me laugh when I think about them:

“Martin Luther King Jr. said that African Americans can do whatever they want, whenever they want.” (from a kid’s persuasive essay on why schools should teach history)

Girl looking in her Spanish book: “Hey! There’s a guy named after a salad dressing in here!” (Caesar)

On Thursday morning- Kid #1: “Arielle, you look sad.”

Me: “What? I’m not sad. I’m great!”

Kid #1: Oh…maybe it’s just your clothes.”

Me: “What? Thanks a lot!”

Kid #2: “No wait. Maybe it’s your face.”

At least they tell it like it is.

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Mickey, is that you?

A few weeks ago, as I was getting ready to make dinner, I found an interesting surprise in our spice drawer. Rather than a line of neatly arranged spices, I was greeted by a pile of paper scraps, an empty container of Chick Fila Polynesian sauce, a big sticky mess (the Polynesian sauce), and poop. Lots of poop. In case you’re not doing so well at putting two and two together, we had mice. I now have one bottle of onion flakes with no label and another container of who knows what that also has no label (It’s brown. And not cinnamon. Or cloves. Any guesses?). Little rascals.


But don’t worry, problem taken care of. Well actually, PETA people, you might need to worry.

PS- The picture is not actually the initial big, sticky mess. This is the second time- when the little rodents returned. Before we took them out.

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141133Just getting caught up on all that’s happened since our technology mishaps.

For Christmas, my dad got me a magnet that says “Top Three Reasons to be a Teacher: June, July, August.” May I add to that…SNOWDAYS! We were so excited to get about 4 inches of snow a few weeks ago, and even more excited to get two days off of school.

The first day, we woke up, jumped around screaming (well actually, it was closer to hootin and hollerin) for a few minutes, and then romped around in the yard with Zoey. There is absolutely no better verb for a dog in the snow than romp. After the romping, we ate waffles (this may become an Angle snowday tradition) and settled in to watch some of the inauguration hoopla.

Later that afternoon, we headed to Sanford to visit my dad’s friend Brian, Brian’s wife Kristi, and their six kids. Brian is the pastor of a church in Sanford, and we always cherish the fun memories and great encouragement that take away from spending time with such a wonderful family. If you are ever bored on a snowday, here’s a tip: find some kids to spend it with. We had so much fun building snowmen, having snowball fights, giving sled rides (Zach eventually got to use Brian’s riding lawnmower to pull the kids around) and helping my dad with the major construction project of the day: an igloo. My dad’s igloos have been known to make the news in the past (what snow fort with carpeting, doors, and interior lighting wouldn’t?), and this one was no different. I haven’t actually seen it myself, but the word on the street is that the igloo was both on tv and in the newspaper.

When we got home, we got to thaw out in front of the fireplace, and celebrate yet another day off. Even though we’ll have to make these snowdays up later in the year, it was definitely well worth it.


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The Steelers won the Superbowl. It was a great game, no matter who you were pulling for. My dad, obviously, was pulling for the Steelers. We had a great time watching the game with him and cheering on the always smiling Hines Ward (I like him).

What made the game even better was the awesome generosity of my husband. About a month ago, Zach sold the Pathfinder that he had been driving for several years (including when we started dating…ok, I may have cried when the guy drove away with it). Rather than taking the money he made and buying himself a new tv, which he has been wanting for a looong time, Zach decided that it would be fun to surprise my dad with a new flatscreen to watch the Superbowl on. Yes, I know. He’s awesome. After LOTS of driving around and comparing prices, we finally bought one and set it up the night before the big game. It’s no secret that my dad is always giving to everyone around him without ever expecting anything in return, so it was so great to actually give him a gift he would really use. We had a great time oohing and aaaahing all through the Superbowl- both at the great plays and the great picture.


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We’re still here. We haven’t dropped off the face of the planet, just off the face of technology as we know it. Our computer was dead. Dead as a doornail. Tonight, during dance class, my IPod died. It now shows a little sad face when I try to turn it on. On top of that, we have not had Internet for quite some time. After spending several hours at our house on Friday, the technician told Zach that they would have to send someone back to the house on Sunday. At 5:30 yesterday, someone came. He left at 10:45. We still didn’t have Internet.

But now…we do!! Hooray! Scary how much we rely on technology, but great to be back in action.

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