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phillyOne of the unique things about our school is the amount of field trips that we are able to take our kids on. We go on several small trips throughout the year, as well as two overnight trips in the fall and spring. This past week, we took our spring trip to Philadelphia. In the past, we have gone to Washington, D.C., but we talked earlier in the year and decided that most kids have visited D.C. with their families while many people (me included!) have never been to the City of Brotherly Love. As a Western PA native (a subject often debated in the Angle household), it was strange to me to be in Pennsylvania yet have no previous experience with anything around me.

A large amount of the trip was spent on the bus, so I am incredibly thankful that they come with DVD players. While in Philadelphia, we visited the Constitution Center, did a walking tour of several historical sites, and went to the Franklin Institute. We stayed at a hostel (my first one!), which we had all to ourselves. The kids were great, and we had fun spending a few days enjoying the sights with them rather than our usual routine of telling them to get quiet or nagging them about overdue homework. We are thankful for a successful trip!

**In case you were wondering, the picture is of me and my Prime Group (homeroom) at Independence Hall. The stickers are not because I don’t love their cute little faces, but just because posting school pictures online still weirds me out a little.


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This past year, Zach and I have gotten more involved in our Sunday school class, and we are incredibly thankful for the friendships we have been building. We go to a rather large church, so building a sense of community within a smaller group has become really important to us. Our class is called Adventures in Marriage and is mostly made up of young couples that either don’t have kids or are just starting families. I have really loved going to the girls Bible study on Wednesday nights. We start with dinner, which gives us time to talk about the week, then get into more serious study of Scripture. I really love this group of girls and the fellowship that the Lord has provided through them! Sadly, Zach has class on Wednesday nights so he can’t go to the guys’ Bible study, but has enjoyed getting to hang out with them other nights of the week.

This past friday night, the girls decided to have a sleepover (or slumber party, as Zach referred to it), an idea sparked by one of our dinnertime discussions. I had to laugh when I walked in to find a huge pile of sleeping bags, pillows, and overnight bags- it felt like we were in 6th grade all over again. We had a great time! We talked and ate junk food for the majority of the night, did a craft project, and fell asleep watching a Kirk Cameron movie (Fireproof– if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it). I got to lead the craft project- fabric necklaces that are fun, colorful, and super easy to make. It was a night of pure girly fun.


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