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296The usual routine when Zach and I go to the gym usually involves me going upstairs to use the elliptical while Zach stays downstairs to play basketball. He likes playing basketball far more than I like using the elliptical (Really- running in place for an extended period of time. Outside of the exercise it gives you, there’s not much to love), and I typically have to tear him away.

Two weeks ago, it was a very different story. I came downstairs to find him hobbling around the lobby, and he told me he had twisted his ankle during the game. Throughout the night, his ankle continued to swell and despite my frequent suggestions, he refused to go to the doctor.

When he woke up the next morning (to get ready to teach PE) and couldn’t really walk, he decided that it might be a good idea to get some medical advice. Enter: the boot. Zach was told that he had sprained his ankle, torn some ligaments and needed to wear a walking boot for two weeks straight. It may not be fun, but I’m glad to know that he got it taken care of.

Now, we just get to show off this gross picture of his foot. Enjoy.


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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. If I ever have a hard day at work, I just think of the oodles of vacation time our jobs provide us compared to what we would get in the “real world”. It makes me pretty thankful pretty quickly! Because Zach had class during the week of our Spring Break, we spent most of our time around the house. It was busy in a laid back sort of way. Lots of things to do, but most of them fun. Just a quick review of our week:



Played lots of Sequence. Made lots of bets involving Sequence. Lost to Zach several times.



As one benefit of the bet losing, discovered a yummy new breakfast recipe. Baked French Toast. Mmm, mmm good.



Planted some herbs. We had actually already planted some from seeds, but thought they drowned in a heavy rain. Now, both versions are doing great. Hooray for delicious spring meals!




Went to see Carolina Ballet’s Bernstein and Robbins: American Music and Dance. It was wonderful (of course). Afterwards, went to the Cupcake Shoppe for dessert. Bonus: we got to take an extra one home for Easter!


Celebrated a wonderful Easter! We are so thankful that, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23

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Spring Spruce-Up

I love spring cleaning. But really, I just love cleaning. So this spring, we’ve been doing some cleaning, but also, with the help of my dad, we’ve also been sprucing things up a little bit too. Our first addition was a new faucet to replace the old, leaky one we had previously. Sounds silly, but I love it.img_1706


Next, we finally got around to hanging these windows in the family room. I used these in my house in college and was excited to get some new pictures printed to display in them. I had some of our favorite wedding pictures printed in Sepia (to match the browns in the room) and put them behind the glass. We love having a fun reminder of such an amazing day.img_1709

Finally, as the big kahuna of the projects, my dad installed these incredible cabinets in our family room. He purchased them at a cabinet auction he and Zach went to a few months ago (Zach also got some cabinets for our laundry area in the garage- for $5! Beat that Home Depot!), and generously gave them to us as an Easter present. Needless to say, we were slightly more excited than we would have been about a chocolate bunny. img_1707 

We are having fun enjoying the changes around the house and are excited to have family and friends over to enjoy them with us! Please drop by anytime!

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Mexican Bowling?


Spring Break is finally here, and we are incredibly thankful! An entire week off to catch up on things around the house, enjoy the beautiful weather, and spend time with family and friends- it’s so great!

To kick things off, on the first Friday of Spring Break our Sunday school class got together for a taco dinner followed by midnight bowling. When the announcement was posted on the board the previous Sunday, it somehow got morphed into “Mexican Bowling Night”, which made us laugh. I’m not really sure if there is a difference between bowling in Mexico and bowling in America, but we had fun speculating. We’ve enjoyed several events with our class that were separated between girls and boys, so it was nice to spend time with everyone together (at least for most of the night- dinner kind of looked like a middle school dance, with the girls in one room and the boys in another, but we were all very ok with that) .

We had a great time bowling! I am not known to be the best bowler in the world (I once bowled an 11. Yes, I was really trying.), so I was thrilled to get a personal best, but now I can’t remember what it was (I think maybe 113). Zach also got a personal best, but his was slightly higher than mine. In fact, it was the highest score of the night- a 180!

Bowling ended at about 1AM, at which point Zach talked to his mom, who was at a Chick Fila reopening in Greensboro. I will spare you all of the details about our many Chick Fila opening experiences, but for this particular promotion all of the Greensboro/ High Point/ Burlington Chick Filas were giving coupons for 52 free breakfast combos to the first 100 guests. Normally, people arrive about 24 hours in advance, so we were incredibly excited to find out that there were still about 30 open spots with about four hours to go. Some friends from our Sunday school class decided to join us, so they came with me to the house to get blankets and sleeping bags while Zach picked up his younger brother, Patrick.

We ended up going to Burlington (closer to Greensboro) and were 73-77 in line. We talked for a while, got about an hour of sleep, and woke up to a year’s supply of free deliciousness. Not too shabby.

All in all, a great start to Spring Break.

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