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man trip 3 A few months ago before Sunday school Zach was talking to a few of the guys in the class and the conversation somehow drifted to the need for a man trip. Some people (like me) might say, “Yeah, we should plan that,” but not my husband. He said “Put it on the board. That makes it official.” Onto the whiteboard it went, and Zach became the official coordinator. A date was set and, after several weeks of making jokes about crafting spears before bear hunting and cooking Spam over a can of Sterno, the men headed out.

Zach and nine other guys spent the weekend at Hanging Rock State Park. They ate meat, played sports, and generally did things that would’ve made their wives nervous. Very manly. Meanwhile, the girls had a scrapbooking night. Everyone was happy.

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020That’s the number of quilts I’ve sewn in the past two weeks. No kidding. Ok a little bit kidding. I haven’t actually sewn all the squares together, but I was responsible for getting the batting and backing attached to all 16 of those little buggers, no matter how badly misshapen they were.

Why would they be misshapen, you ask? Oh, just because I thought it would be a great idea to teach middle schoolers to sew. It was, in fact, a pretty fun idea. We had a grand ol’ time. What I didn’t foresee, however, is that before you teach middle schoolers how to sew and tell them they are going to make quilts because, after all, that only involves sewing squares together with little straight lines, well….you should first teach them how to cut. “Make a template for a square that is four inches by four inches ” I told them. While I did get beautiful squares, I also got two inch trapezoids, eight inch rectangles, and any other shape imaginable in between those two sizes. Remarkable. Chalk it up to creativity.

In the end, however, it turned out to be a pretty great project. The kids donated their quilts to Project Linus, an organization that gives handmade blankets to kids in the hospital. It was neat to see them get so excited about doing something for other kids. The representative from Project Linus that came to receive the quilts was so impressed with them (much to my surprise- and relief!) that she is having an article written about them in a newsletter for NC State (that magnificent university). Now I just need to locate some sort of kindergarten cutting quiz to use before next year’s sewing lessons.

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Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at school. And by that I mean “Bring Your Teacher Approximately 50 pounds of Anything Chocolate or Sugary Week”. Even though I’m not a big desserts person (with the exception of ice cream, of course), it was so much fun getting showered with little notes and goodies from the kids. If you’re in the neighborhood and have a craving for sweets, stop in- we have plenty to share!


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Spring Retreat

Last weekend we had a great time at Carolina Beach during a spring retreat with our Sunday school class. The weather was perfect- summer is right around the corner! We went to the beach, played cornhole (grown-up term for bean bag toss), and played Rock Band (my first time- who knew it was so fun?). We also got to hear from the leaders of another young couples class at Colonial. They had some great encouragement to bring on the subject of marriage. I know we’ve said it before, but we are just so incredibly blessed by this particular group of people!


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