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Food for Thought

Among the many things that make our school different from our more traditional counterparts is the way that we frame our quarterly units. Rather than mandated curriculum, we use a “big idea” matrix and look at current events to structure our lesson plans. This quarter, the 7th graders are looking at food and farming. They are considering what we eat, why we eat it, how we get it, and the future of our food. We’ve enjoyed looking at such a relevant issue with the kids. As part of this theme (unit), parent chaperones and I took the kids to the NC State Lake Wheeler Field Lab. It was a great week to be outside and enjoy the crisp fall weather, surrounded by miles of farmland. The kids ate peanuts from the ground (yuck), made observations about soil, saw a gigantic milk tank (on it’s way to become AMAZING cherry vanilla NC State ice cream…maybe), and saw adorable dairy calves. It was a profound experience for some of the kids to actually see food growing in the ground, and it was neat to watch them get so excited about it. It was also fun to laugh when the dairy farmer asked them, “How many of you are familiar with the idea of a woman nursing?” Maaayybe not the best approach for a group of 12 year-olds.

*The pictures were taken on my phone, so they’re not the greatest, but at least it’s something.

kids soybeans



kids soil pit




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A Chill is in the Air

Perfect time to cuddle up inside! Since I don’t have any major pictures to post of the house right now, I thought I’d share a few close-ups of the quilt I made this summer. I know it’s been in a few posts already, but I wanted to share the final product. The photos that inspired my quilt featured a quilt blanketed across a chair outside, and I thought that it looked so cute and cozy that I might as well give it a try. I really enjoyed this project and hope to make another one soon! (and by soon I mean after I get some of the house “to-dos” crossed off my list- we’re not really short on projects around here!)

 Quilt 003

Quilt 004


Quilt 010Quilt 006

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 Picnik collage girls 1

Picnik collage girls 2

There are some days when I’m not really sure what I’m doing being a teacher and who in the world put me in charge of a bunch of crazy middle schoolers. But then again, there are other days when the hand of the Lord is so evident that I can’t get over the amazing things that He’s doing  through my weakness.

Earlier this year, Zach and I were approached by some 8th grade girls and asked to lead a Bible study. We have been so blessed to meet with an incredible group of students every Thursday morning. Their hunger for truth amazes me. At 7:30am, they start the day with questions like, “Who is the Holy Spirit?”, “How is Jesus God’s Son?”, and “Is there such thing as hell?” I am so thankful that God has allowed us to be part of His incredible work!

This past weekend, I had the priviledge of hosting nine girls at our house for a retreat sponsored by some of the girls’ church. The events were at the church (across the street from our neighborhood), and the girls spent the night at host homes.

I had a great time hanging out with the girls! All of the essentials for a middle school sleepover were present: junk food, crafts, makeovers, and lots of conversation about boys. Amidst all of the craziness, I’m thankful that we were able to pause and talk about what really matters- our identity in Christ.

 Picnik collage girls 3




Picnik collage girls 5


Picnik collage girls 4


Picnik collage girls 6




 One warning:

If you have a bunch of middle school girls spend the night at your house, you should be prepared to wake up and find this hanging over your bed. (And yes, that’s Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame. And no, I didn’t notice it was there until I woke up.)


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Oh, Hey Fall

I love fall. But then again, who doesn’t? Take Goldilocks, for example. Did she choose the porridge that was blazing hot and left her hair a frizzy mess for three months straight? Nope, not that one. Or the bowl that was so freezing cold that she didn’t regain feeling in her extremities until March? Not that one either. She chose the one that was juuust right. Thus, humanity’s love for fall. Deep philosophy, I know.

In celebration of a season that’s just right, here are a few things I’ve been loving lately:


Farmers' market flowers from my fantastic husband

Farmers' market flowers from my fantastic husband

Apples- I love how many different kinds there are!

Apples- I love how many different kinds there are!

Pecan pie- Grandma's recipe.

Pecan pie- Grandma's recipe.

Not pictured in this post: Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. I’m not really a coffee drinker, but those little guys are like fall in a cup. So great. I would have taken a picture, but of course my husband threw my cup away (because for some crazy reason he didn’t know that I would of course be saving my trash to take a picture of its fall festiveness).
So much to love. Happy Fall- have fun celebrating!

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She’s on her way!

Our niece, that is! Zach’s brother, Robby, and his wife, Emily recently started the adoption process for a baby girl from Kazakhstan! We are super excited for many reasons.

One: we get to be an aunt and uncle! Hooray! If you have ever seen my husband around little babies, you will know that they make him absolutely melt- and girls just send him over the top!

Two: Robby and Emily are going to be some of the greatest parents ever. Their love for the Lord and heart for the world is so encouraging.

Three: I’ve wanted to adopt a baby for so long I can’t remember, and it’s also something that Zach also has on his heart (thankfully!). It’s a big process, and we’re so thankful that we’ll be able to learn from our older and wiser siblings. (:

We can’t wait to meet this little girl! If you think about it, please pray for Robby, Emily, and Baby Angle. Their blog is listed at the side.

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